Choose the Sign of Experience

Marcia Wilk Estate Sales always goes the extra mile to attend to every detail. We clean, organize, set up and price every item, providing the most effective atmosphere for a great sale. We work diligently to get the best value for every item sold, with pre-sale research and attentive representation on the sale days.

All of our clean, well organized, fully-priced sales are advertised in the newspaper, featured on the website, and have large attention-getting signage at every sale. Our goal is to get the best price, and provide the ultimate level of service: leave the home totally empty, broom-cleaned and vacuumed.

How do we do this? Friendly people with a happy, can-do attitude and a willingness to engage every customer with the help they need to make a deal. Marcia Wilk Estate Sales is the Sign of Experience in Grosse Pointe.

Effective newspaper advertising
Excellent signage draws traffic
House is clean and organized on sale day
Great attention to detail and presentation
Better setup: every item is priced and ready to sell
Friendly staff greets and helps visitors
Efficient, well-run sale that increases number and value of items sold
We’ll always work to achieve the highest possible prices

45 DePetris Way, Grosse Pointe Farms

Friday and Saturday, December 13 and 14, 9am-4pm
Street Numbers Honored at 8:30am Friday

45 DePetris Way, Grosse Pointe Farms

DePetris Way is off Grosse Pointe Boulevard between Moran and Moross


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About street numbers:

Street numbers honored at 8:30 a.m. Friday. Street numbers are given to provide an orderly method to avoid crowding in the house. Procedure: Each person waiting in line at 8:30 a.m. receives one numbered ticket. After each person in line has been given one ticket, those who have already received one ticket and request more may receive them. At 9:00 a.m., new arrivals may request more than one ticket. We open at 9:00 a.m. and call out numbers. We please ask customers to be organized and orderly. Those who are not in line when we call their number will have their number set aside. We will call the next numbers. Late arrivals who already hold numbers will get the next available number or be asked to please queue up at the back of the line.

About this week's sale:

This is a great sale! There are contemporary and antique items including numerous Baker pieces, nice antique and newer white wicker pieces, four carved counter stools, blue and white porcelain, quality lamps and mirrors, Steuben, Minton, Belleek, Lenox, a Tantalus, men’s and women’s clothing, jewelry including turquoise pieces, eight pairs of riding boots, 55″ Samsung TV, large selection of new Teavana items, baby pram, two 9′ Christmas trees, garden art, aluminum ramp, Drive wheelchair, lots and lots more!

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